How to Use Golf Alignment Sticks?

How to Use Golf Alignment Sticks

How to Use Golf Alignment Sticks
How to Use Golf Alignment Sticks

Golf alignment sticks are four feet long pieces of equipment that you can use to align your club face. They have a plastic pointed end and a protective rubber safety cap. They’re made of flexible fiberglass and should last you a long time. If you’re interested in making a one-time investment in this equipment, you should consider getting a couple.


Putting with golf alignment sticks is a great exercise that can help improve your speed control on the greens. To use alignment sticks, you place them across your putting line. As you swing your golf club, the ball will bounce against and pop over the rod. This will increase the difficulty of the exercise.

Using two alignment sticks will make it much easier to align your ball. You can use one to align your left foot, while the other is used to align your right foot. In addition to using the alignment sticks for practicing putting, you can also use them for practice drills. The first stick should be set outside the ball and the second stick should be placed inside the ball.

Alignment sticks can also be used as a training aid for chipping. A properly aligned chipping shot looks impressive. A perfectly shaped shot is a skill that takes years of practice to achieve. The use of alignment sticks helps you achieve this level of perfection. But it may take some practice to get used to them.

Another drill to improve your putting technique is the train tracks drill. This drill helps you focus on the head of the putter and improve your consistency. The last drill using alignment sticks involves the weight transition. A lack of rotation in the swing can ruin a golf shot.

Tee shots

Golf alignment sticks help players hit straighter shots and shape the ball. Ideally, you should place the sticks at about 13 feet and three feet apart. Then, hit the ball between the sticks, focusing on hitting the ball with a controlled, smooth swing. This drill is especially useful for players who have graduated from the beginner category.

Alignment sticks should point in the direction of your intended shot. Do not try to make a perfect alignment, but no deviation greater than 15 degrees is acceptable. Once the alignment sticks are in place, stand behind the ball and line up your shot. Once you’ve aimed correctly, hit the ball along the guided path, observing the results to determine if you need to adjust your stance. It’s essential to practice this drill regularly, as it helps you improve your overall game.

Alignment sticks can also help you with practice shots. You can use them to adjust your stance to hit a better ball. Start by laying out two alignment sticks outside the ball and pointing at the target. Once you have achieved the right alignment, you can place the sticks closer to the ball. Make sure that they are at least an inch inside the ball, then gradually move closer to the ball.

To improve your alignment, you can practice with a ball and without a ball. A good swing will start to the right of your target and fade back towards it. In addition, it’s important to align your clubface with your target. If you do, you’ll be more likely to hit a good shot.

Long putts

Golf alignment sticks can help you achieve a more straight stance and improve your putting mechanics. They can also help you make sure that your body turns properly during your swing and that your hips are rotating properly. They can also help you perfect your putting stroke and learn how to draw and fade the ball. There are many different drills that you can use alignment sticks for, but perhaps the most popular one is the “Train Tracks” drill.

To start, you should put the alignment sticks outside your putter’s heel and toe. The goal is to create a channel from the ball to the hole. This will make the ball go through the alignment stick with as much speed as possible, which will result in a straighter shot. This drill will also improve your consistency and accuracy.

Another drill you can use alignment sticks for is to create a perfect alignment. Place the alignment stick about 13 feet in front of your target line. You can place it at different distances from the first stick to help you create wider and narrower flight paths. You can hit the ball through the gap between the sticks, which will increase your accuracy and distance.

Once you have your alignment sticks set, you can practice the drill. Place one in front of the ball and one just outside the ball. The first one should be placed parallel to the ball, while the second should be one inch in front of your target line. Using two alignment sticks will help you achieve a consistent position for the ball.

Hip bump drill

A hip bump drill using golf alignment sticks is an excellent way to correct improper swing mechanics. It helps golfers add distance to their shots and correct weight transfer problems. You should use a partner to practice this drill. If you’re a beginner, have your friend help you. Lay out your feet on the ground, so you’ll hit the ball parallel to your partner’s feet.

During the hip bump drill, the alignment stick should be placed parallel to your target line. If you’re right-handed, place it adjacent to your left heel. If you have a squared hip, lay your body parallel to the line, so that your body and the ball are parallel to each other.

Another alignment stick drill involves using an alignment stick to practice hip rotation. This helps you improve your swing plane by helping your body turn while you swing. It can also help you learn to fade and draw the ball, as well as perfect your putting stroke. The Train Tracks drill is one of the most popular golf alignment stick drills. The goal of this drill is to train your brain to remember what a square stance looks like, so you can line up shots correctly.

An alignment drill is a great way to improve your setup on the practice green and helps you improve your pace on long putts. Amateurs typically implode when faced with putts longer than 20 feet. A frantic attempt to hit a putt too aggressively may leave it two feet past the cup or leave it to pass the hole altogether.

Train tracks drill

A golf alignment stick can be a very helpful tool for golfers. They are designed to help golfers make the correct swing plane and improve their putting stroke. The most popular use of an alignment stick is for the Train Tracks drill, which is a great way to perfect the alignment of the clubhead with the ball.

To perform the train tracks drill, golf alignment sticks can be used as real golf clubs or putters. The alignment sticks can be set up in the shape of a train track, with an empty plastic cup as a target. The width of the tracks should be slightly wider than the putter, so that the putter has enough room to move freely between them without causing too much error. This is a great drill that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

This drill is also beneficial for players trying to improve their shape shots. It is best to use the alignment sticks the same way for every shot – a draw hits the right side of the sticks, a fade hits the left side. You will also want to line up the sticks to be 18 inches apart.

Another useful drill using golf alignment sticks is the Club Path alignment stick drill, which is a great way to improve your swing path and swing through the ball. It is similar to the train tracks drill, but has a few differences. For the first drill, the alignment sticks are placed above the golf ball, while the other drill places them below. The goal is to make the club head follow the alignment sticks instead of the golf ball.

Putting alignment sticks

Putting alignment sticks are useful tools to help improve your speed and control on the greens. You can use them to train your eyes and brain to see a square instead of a ball. As your eyes become trained to see a square, they tend to get out of shape very quickly. By using alignment sticks, you can get your eyes to see a square and then correct it.

Alignment sticks are also useful for distance control drills. To use one, lay it behind the ball perpendicular to your path to the hole. Make sure that you don’t accidentally nudge the stick. You can also mark it with a tee and then lock it into place.

Another great use for alignment sticks is for basic golf drills. For example, you can use one to align your mid-iron with the ball. To do this drill, pick the distance that you’re targeting for your mid-iron putt and place it on the grass or a range mat. You should have a small amount of space around the ball so that you can swing down and hit the ball properly.

Using alignment sticks will help you improve your accuracy and aim. In addition to practicing with your alignment sticks, you should also practice lining up your clubhead parallel to the alignment sticks before playing your game. After a while, this will become second nature to you. However, it is important to review this process on a regular basis to avoid a misalignment that may cause your shot to go off-line.


Now that you understand how to use golf alignment sticks and the benefits of using them, be sure to give them a try next time you are at the driving range or on the course. And, if you really want to improve your game and lower your score, consider working with a professional who can help you perfect your form and technique. After all, it is one of the most important aspects of the game!

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